About Us

Dor Foundation

Dor Foundation is a non-profit, social impact organization working with underprivileged children in Uttrakhand with a vision of an equal and inclusive world where every child is given equal opportunity. Our work is driven by our core values of integrity, inclusion, and empathy.

We work in helping hardworking and meritorious students of those financially in need get a higher education degree free of cost and lead a better life. We do so by partnering with both schools and colleges and being the bridge that fills the gap.

Apart from this, we work extensively in ensuring a rounded development of our students by providing them with skill and personality development classes along with English classes, specific subject-related mentoring, and career counseling.

Dor Foundation

Founder's Note

Higher education in India has made significant strides in recent years, with the number of students enrolled in higher education institutions increasing from 20 million to 37 million in the past decade. However, despite this progress, India still faces significant challenges in providing quality higher education to all.

The Dor Foundation has been working tirelessly to provide free higher education to underprivileged children. Over the past year, we have made significant progress towards achieving our mission. To date, we have provided free education to over 150 students, of these, 80% are first-generation learners in their families.

For us at Dor, 2023 has been a year of great pride as we not only managed to expand our community but also saw our first batch of students graduating and being hired by top recruiters. Moreover, our students have achieved an average score of 80% in their exams. This is significantly higher than the state's average pass rate of 61%.

In a short span of 3 years, we have seen Dor students excel in all aspects of college life be it debating, quiz, leadership or management and yet find time to mentor and coach each other. As a founder, it gives me immense joy to see the students help each other rise together as a family. I am confident that what we have started at Dor will create a ripple of change.

About Us

Sanyogita Kedia

Founder, Dor Foundation

Mission & Vision


Dor Foundation envisions to work with promising youngsters from financially vulnerable backgrounds, to help them become self-reliant by providing them with quality education, personality development and skills for financial independence.


Our mission is to help the financially disadvantaged yet deserving youth of Uttarakhand study beyond high school so they become economically independent.